Mitera Online Learning

Hundreds of Courses to Choose From...

Online courses designed to be interactive to help

learners stay focused and engaged in the learning .

The courses require the learner to perform small actions within the course, revealing further information, or quiz questions to help them reflect upon previous course content they have studied.

All eLearning courses are CPD accredited and have a Multiple-Choice Question paper at the end to assess learning.



Interactive to help learners stay focused and engaged in learning


Text-based courses that appeal to learners who prefer to learn through reading.

Video Learning


Visual learning for indivduals or largers groups of people

Payment Options

Pay as you Go


  • Access over 500 online courses
  • Pay when required
  • Perfect for updating knowledge



  • Access to All Digital Learning Resources
  • Pay per user not per course
  • Perfect for high turnover of staff

Direct Debit


  • Spread the cost
  • Access over 500 courses
  • You're in control - Assign learning to your staff